Walk Away from the Daily Stress and Relax

Over 1000m2, Armani/SPA is devoted to restoring your wellness with a selection of exclusive facilities and personalised treatments designed to coax your mind and body into a state of deep relaxation. Situated on the top floor of the Armani Hotel Milano, total detachment awaits as you hover over the city.


An exclusive collection of soft and delicate touch treatments designed to induce a deep relaxing sensation and give unique moments of well-being.

MU FACIAL MASSAGE / 50 o 80 minutes – €150 / €210

gentle touches that enfold the visage, giving relief to tired muscles, ideal for feeling fresher and relaxed thanks to special hydration techniques that nourish the skin giving it charm, suppleness and firmless. Recommended for dry and dehydrated skin, requiring hydration and moisture.

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MU BODY MASSAGE 50 o 80 minutes – €140 / €200

The perfect treatment to enter in a state of deep relaxation thanks to the jasmine essential oil, with jasmine and ylang-ylang scent. A deep relaxing massage that, combining specific slow and envelo­ping movements, promotes restful sleep, relieving psychological tension.

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MU FACIAL SCRUB AND MASK 25 minutes starting from € 100

A delicate exfoliating scrub with grape polyphenols removes dead skin cells and promotes their re­newal, leaving a smooth, nourished and luminous skin. The exfoliation smoothes the skin preparing it for a luxurious mask-balm with fragrant oils and nourishing sera.

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MU BODY SCRUB, MUD OR WRAP 50 or 80 minutes – €150 / €210

An exfoliating body scrub with grape polyphenols removes dead skin cells promoting their renewal, leaving a smooth, nourished and luminous skin. A clay wrap to nourish, soften and deeply moisturize the skin. Jasmine essential oil, with jasmine and ylang-ylang scent and its highly nutritive properties, gives a pleasant sensation of relaxation and soft­ness.

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A unique specific treatments collection designed to free mind and body from deep physical stress and to sooth aching muscles, dissolving tensions and alleviating pressure on tired joints.

LIBERTÀ FACIAL MASSAGE / 50 o 80 minutes – €150 / €210

A revitalizing and bracing treatment that enlivens facial contours enhancing skin elasticity. This mas­sage is particularly recommended for improving skin natural firmness and texture.

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LIBERTÀ BODY MASSAGE / 50 o 80 minutes – €140 / €200

A deep-acting treatment that, thanks to the combi­nation of specific deep tissue techniques and acu­pressure, relieves tensions and frees movements. Carefully selected Bois body oil with resinous Cedar wood, vetiver and pink pepper essential oil, coaxes muscles into releasing tensions, leaving a soft and supple skin.

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LIBERTÀ FACIAL SCRUB AND MASK / 25 minutes starting from € 100

An exfoliating peeling that promotes cell renewal, restoring facial skin tone and texture. The exfoliation smoothes the skin preparing it for a luxurious mask-balm, with invigorating serums and perfumed vetiver and pink pepper oils.

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LIBERTÀ BODY SCRUB, MUD OR WRAP / 50 or 80 minutes – €150 / €210

A rebalancing exfoliation with hazelnut seeds, en­riched with aromatic vetiver and pink pepper oil, promotes cell renewal, while its manipulation sooths muscle tensions caused by stress and wrong move­ments. An anti-fatigue clay mud enriched with arni­ca and Bois body oil helps to sooth muscles, leaving a toned and supple skin. The texture wrap treatment, thanks to localized arnica bandages, further allevia­tes pressure on tired joints.

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A collection of purifying treatments to rebalance and harmonize mind and body, improving the removal of water out and toxins, reinvigorating essential functions from within.

FLUIDITÀ FACIAL MASSAGE / 50 o 80 minutes – €150 / €210

A specifically gentle facial treatment for hyper-sti­mulated and sensitive skins prone to puffiness. Lymphatic drainage eliminates puffiness and en­courages nutrients absorption, while soothing, de-sensitizing natural plant extracts purify, reba­lance and illuminate the skin.

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FLUIDITÀ BODY MASSAGE / 50 o 80 minutes – €140 / €200

An uplifting and revitalizing body massage with specific draining techniques to help reducing excessive water retention and localized puffiness, flushing out unwanted toxins. Carefully selected Jade body oil, thanks to lemon and musk purifying properties, improves the lymphatic circulation and promotes recovery from small internal imbalances caused by travels and intensive working programs.

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FLUIDITÀ FACIAL SCRUB AND MASK / 25 minutes starting from € 100

A gentle detoxifying scrub to revitalize and impro­ve the skin brightness, drain impurities and pro­mote skin cell renewal. The exfoliation smoothes the skin preparing it for a luxury mask-balm with reactivating serums and lemon and white musk perfumed oils.

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FLUIDITÀ BODY SCRUB, MUD OR WRAP / 50 or 80 minutes – €150 / €210

Exclusive brushing techniques to activate lym­phatic circulation. A sea salt lipogel scrub and a combination of natural mineral mud and Jade oil flushes out toxins, reduce water retention and give a revitalizing effect on body and mind. The texture wrap treatment, with criolipogel cold localized ban­dages, reduces lymphatic puffiness due to stress and small internal imbalances.

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Signature Collection

A new treatments collection inspired by enchanting places with an international flavor, embracing the magic of distant cultures, combining them with the main philosophies of the Armani/SPA and enhancing them in 2-hour rituals.

In addition, the Signature Crema Nera treatment represents the harmonious union of these philosophies, implemented with to the use of the best Armani creation in terms of Skincare, the Armani Crema Nera line.

With this treatment comes the ritual of slowness and vital awakening, growth from a need to take care of body and soul. Each single detail, with Orient inspired sounds, and rhythmic, deep slow movements, will accompany you on an interior journey, aimed at showing up your beauty even more.
Delicate and enveloping brushing manipulations on body and scalp will be followed by an oleation that prepares both body and mind for the zen massage. The harmonious and sublime Sakura sounds, the Japanese Geishas music, and the delicate Tibetan bells vibrations characterize the journey through the Way of Tea.
A gentle total body stretching with silk sheets sooths skin-deep tensions, opening a delicate massage that will treats your body back into harmony and balance with your natural energies, breaking down both physical and emotional blocks and giving you an incredible feeling of harmony.

A thousand and One Night ritual dedicated to purification, with different phases that alternate like a dance, accompanied by a sweet background melody.
Fast and enveloping manipulations that have an exfoliating and purifying action will be followed by a cleansing with savon noir, the typical Arabic soap used in the hamman ritual, to prepare skin to the precious Berber gold mask. in a pleasant natural heat that recalls the hot desert winds, the body reaches the correct body temperature.
The optimal state of purification and regeneration culminates in an enveloping massage with the precious argan oil.
Each treatment phase is marked by the tasting of a green tea drink that accentuates its draining power.

A journey through the famous “Silk Road” of the Far East, in a perfect combination between the Traditional Thai massage, strongly influenced by Ayurvedic Indian medicine, and yoga practice. This ritual, with a strong relaxing effect on both body and soul, involves each part of the body starting from the feet, with the typical Thai foot bath with rose water.
Flowing and natural joints traction manipulations improves elasticity, while body postural restoration, through yoga typical figures, helps to correct articular movements, rebalancing neurovegetative system and eliminating the main cause of physical and mental fatigue, stress.
A unique experience through the energetic lines of the body, to improve mobility and promote inner well-being.

Unique path of transformation and regeneration of the skin in complete Armani style, during which all power of his best creation in matters of skincare is expressed, Armani Crema Nera line.
Each of the steps in which the ritual is articulated is reinforced with an intense, sensorial and original gesture. The effectiveness of the skin care ritual according to Giorgio Armani focuses on posture and conscious breathing. The mental and body “letting go” operates from the deep back massage. The exfoliating mask, with natural products strongly sought in the loved lands of the Maestro and reminiscent of the meticulous Asian culture precepts of inner purification, refines and helps detoxify the skin from within. A draining massage with mineral gloves, strengthened by manual gestures, stimulates the reflex zones: the skin therefore transforms and recovers its natural splendor. The ritual culminates with a last phase dedicated to the whole body energetic restart, through the application of moisturizing and regenerating active ingredients enhanced by a massage with fusion stones. A path that embodies the three philosophies MU, FLUIDITÀ and LIBERTÀ. A unique and inimitable treatment of its kind, like the whole GIORGIO ARMANI style.



Stress and frenetic lifestyle can affect mental and physical wellness resulting in heaviness, tension and annoying imperfections. With this technological innovation, Armani/SPA offers a pioneering treatment to awake from inside overall hidden tissues energies that suffer slow-downs, blockages and alterations caused by age and daily stress, reactivating natural reparative and anti-inflammatory processes.

The body thus regains that fluency and desire to move, main source of an authentic lasting beauty, born from within.

REJUVENATING FACIAL ANTI-AGING Duration: Starting from 50 minutes / Price: Starting from € 160

Our face is our business card as it immediately reveals our age as well as our inner psycho-phy­sical state. The special moisturizing treatment has a smoothing effect giving elasticity and energy to both cells and tissues, for a vital and fresh face. The rejuvenating anti-aging method is the first treatment that combines manual techniques with specific te­chnological tools for a simultaneous stimulation of body tissues and joints, releasing energy blocks and recreating internal natural balance shown by a young, health and bright skin. The circulation stimulation, together with oxygen supply, speeds up cellular turnover with an imme­diate spontaneous tissues regeneration. Right after the first treatment, the skin face will be radiant, smo­othed and relaxed while the skin gains back that na­tural vitality which is the secret of authentic beauty.

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REJUVENATING HEALTHY AND LIGHTER LEGS Duration: Starting from 50 minutes / Price: Starting from € 160

Legs wellness is based on lymphatic and blood system proper functioning: These systems flow through the subcutaneous adipose tissue, bringing oxygen and eliminating waste, and keeping body healthy and vital. However, when they stop working properly, we feel an annoying sense of heaviness, hands and feet become frequently cold and we experience that anesthetic cellulite layer.
The Rejuvenating anti-aging treatment for healthy and lighter legs quickly and effectively fights against this process, stimulating oxygen supply through tis­sues and eliminating liquids stagnation in capillaries, cause of puffiness and fatigue. Furthermore, it dis­solves accumulated fat by restoring normal functio­nality, giving tissues more elasticity and consistence. For legs much lighter, healthy and beautiful.

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ENERGY AND REVITALIZING BODY TREATMENT Duration: Starting from 50 minutes Price: Starting from € 160

Body energy system works in complete synergy and each part reflects its well-being. The innovation of Rejuvenating anti-aging method is based on this principle: A global effectiveness that gives balan­ce back to whole body thanks to a combination of manual techniques, technological innovation and aromatherapy quintessences, with a beneficial and deep influence on the entire organism.
A specific massage that helps removing energe­tic blockages staring from joints tensions, allowing vital energy to freely flow, restoring an optimal psycho-physical condition and a lightness feeling for the whole body main points of muscular tension. The treatments results are: better articular mobility, muscle flexibility, night rest improvement and stress level reduction, giving an immediate and evident biological tissue quality rising.

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Essential Touches

Armani/SPA has designed a special selection of advanced and latest generation treatments that offers effective responses to specific wellness facial and body needs. These treatments promote detoxification and energy renewal and vitality after a particular psycho-physical stress period. They can also be useful to prevent and mitigate the ravages of time thanks to a real shock therapy.

Facial Treatment


Mini treatments born from the need to dedicate precious time for themselves even during a busy day. Indicated to fit for a special evening or an im­portant event.

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Phytomelatonin is a plants extracted ingredient that stimulates skin regenerative processes and repairs the damages caused by smog and UV rays, relaxing facial features.
The Armani/SPA offers a treatment for eye contour, which exploits the power of phytomelatonin to pe­netrate very deeply.
Even the most mature and tired skin gets benefits from this ingredient thanks to a soft mask that re­duces dark circles, smoothes small wrinkles, moi­sturizes and strengthens the eyes contours, resto­ring the look natural brightness.

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This treatment provides a multi-functional approa­ch: A combination of products to treat different skin needs simultaneously, thus giving an immediate visible result.
Specific treatment recommended for dehydrated and sensitized skins. Face skin regeneration is sti­mulated by the use of ingredients and serums ai­med at activating cell renewal and deep rehydration.
Multi-functional treatment to help handle com­plex conditions such as oily, acne-prone skin or acne. It has a sebum-normalizing, exfoliating, an­ti-inflammatory, anti-stain and purifying action.
Recommended treatment to prevent and reduce ravages of time, such as wrinkles, fine lines, loss of face, neck and décolleté skin tone, and also to correct photo-aging signs.

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Sea water has always been an inexhaustible source of hydration and beauty. Based on skin type and desired effect, you can choose between:
Particularly suitable for dry and dehydrated skin
Specific treatment for oily skin with a dull complexion
Intensive moisturizing and anti-aging treatment

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Body Treatment


A wide selection of massages and treatments focusing on the therapeutic properties of both traditional medicine and modern techniques.
Thai massage
Vodder massage for lymphatic drainage
Hot and cold stones massage
Four hands massage
Massophysiotherapy massage
Ayurveda massage
Shiatsu massage
Foot reflexology

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Specific treatment that offers moments of relaxation and well-being to be shared in the deep bond between mother and baby, or post-partum to treat yourself to a cuddle and recharge your energy to spend with your child. A moment dedicated to yourself and to your wonderful changing body.

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For a quick recovery from physical and mental fatigue caused by exhausting journeys. Jet leg treatments are recommended in the late afternoon for maximum benefits.

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Based on skin type and desired effect, you can choose between:
intensive program that moisturizes, tones and firms tissues maintaining beauty and softness in 3 phases: peeling, marine collagen wrap, relaxing emulsion.
Vasoactive treatment that promotes a strong draining action through water out elimination.
Exclusive thalasso cosmesis treatment to stimulate muscle tonicity and relieve rheumatic pain due to stress.

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Finishing Touches

An essential moment to complete beauty care thanks to the attentive care of the Armani/SPA professionals.

• Waxing, Brazilian waxing
• Manicure, Luxury manicure or Gel polish
• Pedicure, Luxury pedicure or Gel polish
• Make up by Giorgio Armani: All Day, Night Out or Special Occasion
• On request: Hairdresser, eyelashes extention