Nowadays wine is an important Italian excellence not only to take a sip in the glass, but also as elixir of beauty and wellness. 
Feel like being relaxed surrounded by grape’s fragrances, get ready to wage a unique journey and let yourself be pampered by the precious moisturizing, rejuvenating and bracing properties of these precious products.

This year Armani/SPA creates an exclusive and inebriating treatment to celebrate harvest: it will drive you to discover the grape and its innumerable benefits, in a perfect harmony between wine and health, giving rise to a new concept of wellbeing that embraces this combination of wine therapy and relax.

The Vinoteraphy begins with a glass of pure grape juice - a drink rich of antioxidants -, a perfect moment to experience in couple or to cuddle yourself. This will be served in the private couple suite, welcomed by the amazing view of the Duomo's magnificence. 
Subsequently, an exfoliating treatment with detoxifying properties, made by grape seeds and sea salt. 
After exfoliation, a scrub with grape must will brace yourself to the massage: It will open all your senses to relaxation, dropping you out completely into Bacchus’ world.
The massage, with fragrant grape berries oil, is designed to reactivate body microcirculation, tissues strengthen and skin moisture. 

The sweet ritual ends with a wine and grapes tasting, in combination with a delicious enhancing finger food made by our Michelin starred Chef: A perfect tribute to harvest celebration.

Available until January 31st 2019

Duration: 80 min / Price: € 230

Duration: 110 min - Total Body / Price: € 310


For information and reservations, please contact: +39 02 8883 8888 | armanispa.milan@armanihotels.com