ArmaniSPA-Summer Vibes


Nourish your skin with a new warm-weather treatment

A place to de-stress and relax, the seashore is known for its restorative properties, which is why the Armani/SPA has turned to the beach for inspiration, carefully selecting soothing, curative saltwater elements for a special summer treatment.

Settle in to your private session with a personalised analysis to determine the most beneficial sea salt scrub for your skin type, and an indulgent micro-tissue massage to reactivate and encourage microcirculation. Purifying sea water subsequently cleanses away any salty residues, while its nourishing trace elements are easily absorbed into the epidermis.

Clean and revivified, the entire body is then ready for a warm, soothing seaweed wrap custom-prepared by your expert practitioner, with lymphatic draining, detoxifying, hydrating or relaxing properties. Once the wrap is set, youll choose a delightful massage for a little extra care for your scalp, face, hands or feet. After the wrap is removed, the exclusive pampering continues with a luxurious full body massage to further boost the chosen treatment, leaving your skin fresh, your mind clear and your body rejuvenated in classic Armani/SPA style.


Available in June, July and August

Duration: 50 min to 2 hrs

Price: Starting from € 145 


For information and reservations, please contact: +39 02 8883 8888 |