Never underestimate the power of chocolate

On a cold winter’s day, there’s nothing like wrapping frozen fingers around a steaming cup of hot chocolate. Recreating this charming scent, the creamy sweetness so impossible to resist, the Armani/SPA has designed a ritual that will transport you back to the cuddle of these moments on the alluring notes of pure, dark chocolate. 

A powerful antidote to stress and depression, the cocoa bean, with its detoxifying properties, is perfect for some well-deserved pampering that chases away the winter blues. Your tender experience will start with a hazelnut seed scrub to gently remove impurities and renew the tone, before being slowly enveloped in warm chocolate, its lavish texture sinking into the skin to boost your metabolism. You will then be immersed in the aromas of nigritella and cinnamon with a full-body massage that will improve circulation and help relieve puffiness.

If you wish to continue the pleasure, we will treat you to a chocolate facial massage that will visibly smooth the visage after just one session.

Duration: 50 min / Scrub + Body local massage: € 145 
Duration: 80 min / Scrub + Body massage: € 230 
Duration: 110 min / Scrub + Body & Face massage: € 320 

Available until January 31st 2020



For information and reservations, please contact: +39 02 8883 8888 | armanispa.milan@armanihotels.com