Special Treatments

Exceptional treatments

A selection of advanced treatments by focusing of specific areas of the body, eyes and face, hands and feet, neck and cleavage.
Advanced Facial Treatments combine therapeutic benefits and relaxation by using specific treatments dedicated to eye-contour, face rehydration, anti-ageing, and face and neck skin restructuring.


Advanced Facial Treatments

Advanced Facial Treatments combine therapeutic benefits and relaxation by using individual treatments dedicated to eye-contour, face rehydration, anti-ageing, and face and neck skin restructuring.

Anti-fatigue eye contour treatment

The treatment increases blood flow and eliminates excess fluid with special serums made with butcher’s broom that constricts and protects blood vessels, and caffeine whose draining effect tightens skin. The hemolymphatic technique used in this treatment, relies on gentle massage strokes and the added benefit of pure active ingredients, emollients and creams to restore luminosity and hydrate the skin around weary eyes.

Recommended for:
Men and women
All skin types
Eliminating signs of fatigue before an important event
Preventing signs of ageing
The period before applying make up

25 minutes € 60

Anti-oxidant, renewing and rehydrating face treatment

Facial skin regeneration is effected by using concentrates to trigger cell renewal and deep rehydration, resulting in visibly brighter and smoother skin protected against environmental damages.

80 minutes € 190

Anti-oxidant, anti-blemish and anti-ageing treatment

Ideal for reducing age-induced blemishes, impurities, discoloration, and oxygenating skin tissue; this treatment uses Blemish and Age defence products that combine dioic acid formula and acids with proven dermatological effects. The result is renewed, rehydrated, youthful skin.

80 minutes € 190

Anti-oxidant, density restoring and restructuring treatment

Recommended for mature skins that show signs of hormonal ageing, this treatment reduces wrinkles and marks, relaxes facial features, reduces dryness and increases brightness of the face, neck and cleavage areas while preventing skin damage resulting from UV rays, pollution, smoking and stress. 

80 minutes € 190


Advanced Body Treatments

Advanced Body Treatments feature targeted treatments for the neck, upper body legs and arms.

Anti-oxidant, anti-age, firming body treatment 

Intended to counteract the degradation of skin on areas particularly exposed to the forces of gravity, the anti-age toning treatment relies on the benefits of active ingredients and gestures to reinvigorate tissues and restore firmness in the affected areas; revealing a younger looking you.

50 / 80 minutes - € 125 / € 190


Anti-oxidant hand, neck and cleavage treatment

This treatment restores density and brightens the delicate skin of the neck and cleavage. The application of a mix of products lightens marks from sun exposure and ageing. The result stimulates the production of collagen and elastin fibers; simply speaking, less wrinkles and a toned body.


50 / 80 minutes - € 125 / € 190

Antioxidant, Renewing, Rehydrating and Brightening treatment

Dedicated to hydrating and exfoliating the arms and legs, this treatment regenerates skin, smoothens rough surfaces and brightens the skin giving you velvety arms and gorgeous legs in almost an hour.

50 / 80 minutes - € 125 / € 190


Advanced Hands & Foot treatment

Luxury treatments to pamper your hands and feet with a selection of treatments and procedures with super hydration and anti-ageing properties.

Super hydrating hand treatment

A gentle scrub, a manicure, a hydrating mask and a hands massage for a perfect final result.  

50 minutes / € 115 

Anti-age hand treatment

Restore density to the skin withered by age. Diminish wrinkles and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin fibres with a treatment that reduces imperfections and dark spots caused by hyperpigmentation and sun exposure, providing tone and support. 

50 minutes / € 115 

Super hydrating foot treatment

If you love exquisite feet, you will love the super hydrating foot treatment; a luxury ritual that leaves you with flawless, brightened and hydrated feet. The treatment includes washing of the feet, exfoliation, pedicure, hydrating mask, massage and a nail varnish to finish. 

80 minutes / € 150


Advanced Massage

A comprehensive package of massages and treatments that draw on the healing powers of traditional medicines and modern techniques.


Thai Massage

50 or 80 minutes - € 125 / € 190

Lymphatic Draining Massage

50 or 80 minutes - € 125 / € 190

Hot Stone Massage

50 or 80 minutes - € 125 / € 190

Ante- and post-natal Massage

50 or 80 minutes - € 125 / € 190

Four hand Massage

50 minutes - € 230

Massage and physiotherapy

50 or 80 minutes - € 125/ € 190

Plantar Reflexology

50 or 80 minutes - € 125 / € 190

Ayurveda Massage

50 or 80 minutes - € 125  / € 190


50 or 80 minutes - € 125 / € 190


Jet Lag

For a quick recovery from the physical and mental exertions of jet lag.

Jet lag treatments are recommended in the late afternoon in order to gain maximum benefits:

• Relieve stress connected to transfers, especially long flights
• Balance the biological clock to quickly recover refreshing sleep
• Release excess tension and liquids


Jet lag - Short duration

A deeply relaxing procedure for feet, neck and head that uses plantar reflexology to eliminate the feeling of heaviness and concentrate on energy points, to provide a sense of relaxation and induce sleep.

25 minutes / € 60

Jet lag - Medium duration

With hot stones placed on body, a total draining massage, starting from legs, back, shoulders and neck and ending with face and head. 

50 minutes / € 125

Jet lag - Long duration

A treatment to defeat jet lag caused by long hours of flying with a treatment that lasts a little over an hour. The long duration treatment involves involving the application of a mineral rich mud pack to drain the legs and relax the back, shoulders and neck while you receiving a total relaxing and decontracturing massage.

80 minutes / € 190