Armani SPA-Relaxation Pool by Night


Luxury SPA

In the magnificent setting of the Armani SPA, the sequence of personalized treatments and focused programmes, designed by a team of experienced therapists and high-level professionals, satisfy the demands of every single guest. The luxury SPA of the Armani Hotel Milano is the ideal location to enjoy moments of unforgettable calm and peace; an oasis of pleasure in perfect balance with class and charm made unique by Giorgio Armani’s design.

Programmes of treatments and massages, lasting half day or full day, are made to enjoy moments of pure wellness and relaxation in a panoramic and exclusive luxury SPA, made even more unique by a magnificent relaxation pool, a steam bath, a sauna experience and an equipped and modern gym. 

Half Day SPA Experience

Four hours of wellness with personalized treatments and the possibility of savouring fresh fruit or sipping healthy drinks at the refreshment station, unwinding at the relaxation pool or regaining the perfect physical fitness at the gym. Personalized Beauty Day

Starting from € 400.

Full Day SPA Experience

A flexible 8 hours programme to nourish mind and body with personalized treatments and access to the refined setting of the relaxation area, sipping healthy drinks and immersing in the relaxation pool. For a wellness complete journey, the modern and equipped gym is also available and the Armani Bamboo Bar for a light and refined lunch, on request.  

Starting from €625



An exclusive collection of special treatments designed to induce a deep sensation of calm and to provide unique moments of peace and relaxation.

MU Face

Ideal for feeling fresher and relaxed thanks to the special hydration techniques that nourish the facial skin giving it charm, suppleness and firmness. 

25 or 50 or 80 minutes - € 60 / € 120 / €180

MU Body Massage 

The perfect treatment to enter into a state of deep relaxation thanks to the jasmine essential oil in combination with specific rhythmic movements. 

50 or 80 minutes - € 115 / € 170

MU Enveloping Body Treatment

A gentle skin brushing to revive the draining system. A mud mask, specifically applied to deeply nourish and soften the skin, moisturizes the body, calms and soothes. The application of the jasmine essential oil with its highly nourishing properties provides a feeling of relaxation. 

50 or 80 minutes - € 115 / € 170

MU Body Scrub

A gentle exfoliating body peeling that lifts away the dull skin improving cell renewal and leaving the skin smooth and supple. 

25 minutes starting from € 55



A specific collection of enveloping treatments to balance and energize mind and body, improving the elimination of excessive fluids and toxins. 


A special massage based on natural plant extracts used to cleanse, balance and rejuvenate the facial skin, the ideal for sensitive skin that are subject to swelling.

25 or 50 or 80 minutes - € 60 / € 120 / € 180


An uplifting and revitalizing body message with specific draining techniques to reduce excessive water retention, flushing out toxins. The jade oil improves the lymph circulation and fosters the recovery from journeys and intensive work programmes.

50 or 80 minutes - € 115 / € 170

FLUIDITÀ Enveloping Body Treatment

Exclusive brushing techniques to activate the lymph circulation and to improve the skin tonicity. A pack composed of mineral natural mud and jade oil flushes out toxins, reduces fluid retention and revitalizes body and mind. 

50 or 80 minutes - € 115 / € 170


A gentle exfoliating peeling that revitalizes and improves the body tone, drains impurities and improves skin cells renewal. 

25 minutes € 55




A unique treatments collection to free body and mind, sooth muscles and joints, alleviating body tension and muscle fatigue. 


Moisturizing and hydrating, this massage enlivens facial contours, improves the texture and gives a touch of radiance.

25 or 50 or 80 minutes - € 60 / € 120 / € 180

LIBERTÀ Body Massage

A treatment that relieves the tension and frees the movements thanks to the combination of specific acupressure and manipulation techniques and to the application of a selected mixture of bois body oil and Cedar.

50 or 80 minutes - € 115 / € 170

LIBERTÀ Enveloping Body Treatment

A warm pack of mud enriched with boil body oil soothes the muscles, leaving the skin smooth and supple. A gentle skin brushing activates the drainage system improving the elimination of impurities. 

50 or 80 minutes - € 115 / € 170

LIBERTÀ Body Scrub

An exfoliating peeling that revitalizes the skin, encouraging the skin cells renewal and leaving the skin smooth and hydrated. 

25 minutes € 55