When time is of the essence, allow us to help you make the most of your SPA experience. The sequence of personalized treatments at the Armani/SPA is designed to fit the time and requirements unique to you. Have a personal consultation with your SPA Professional and Beauty Designer to discuss your schedule for a half day or full day treatment.

Half Day SPA Experience

A four-hour indulgence with holistic treatments with time to enjoy healthy fruit snacks and beverages at the refreshment station and unwind at the relaxation pool and gym Customized Beauty Day

Starting from € 400.

Full Day SPA Experience

A flexible eight-hour plan that gives also access to an ultramodern gym and relaxation pool. While you rejuvenate mind and body with specialized treatments, replenish your energy with a light lunch (on request) at the Armani/Bamboo Bar. Complete your experience in the serene setting of the relaxation area as you enjoy healthy fruit snacks and beverages.

Starting from €625



A collection of special treatments that instill a sense of calm and create moments of stillness for mind and body.

MU Face

Look and feel refreshed with special hydrating techniques that restore dry and dehydrated facial skin, restoring its natural allure and tonicity. 

25 or 50 or 80 minutes 60€ / 120€ / 180€

MU Body Massage 

Experience a state of deep relaxation with essential Jasmine body oil; a massage that induces sleep and relieves mental stress by using special techniques. 

50 or 80 minutes  115€ /170€

MU Texture Body Wrap

A special fabric body wrap. A mud infusing your skin with essential Jasmine body oil blended with enriching skin serum to rejuvenate and hydrate, creating a sensation that is best described as the ultimate in relaxation. 

50 or 80 minutes  115€ / 170€

MU Body Scrub

Renew your skin with an exfoliating body scrub that peels off layers of dull and dry skin to reveal the glow within.  

25 minutes 55€



A hand-picked collection of treatments that maintain mind-body equilibrium and eliminate toxins and excessive fluids.


A special face massage for sensitive skins prone to puffiness that uses aromatic oils and natural plant extracts to cleanse, balance and rejuvenate facial skin.

25 or 50 or 80 minutes 60€ / 120€ / 180€


A unique and refreshing body massage with Jade body oil that drains unwanted toxins and reduces water retention, ideal for boosting recovery from energy sapping travel and business schedules. 

50 or 80 minutes  115€ / 170€

FLUIDITÀ Texture Body Wrap

Rejuvenate mind and body with the goodness and warmth of natural mineral mud infused with Jade body oil that helps eliminate toxins and reduces fluid retention.

50 or 80 minutes 115€ / 170€


Experience a gentle exfoliating scrub that flushes out impurities and tones the body. 

25 minutes 55€




A hand-picked selection of treatments to free the body and mind and liberate from muscle fatigue and body strain.


Equally tonifying and hydrating, the face massage highlights facial features and imparts a touch of glow.

25 or 50 or 80 minutes 60€ /120€ / 180€

LIBERTÀ Body Massage

A penetrating pressure point massage that uses a carefully selected blend of Bois body oil and resinous Cedarwood to release deep-rooted tension and liberate body movements. 

50 or 80 minutes 115€ / 170€

LIBERTÀ Texture Body Wrap

Warm mud enriched with minerals and infused with Bois body oil; a perfect body mask for detoxifying, relaxing muscles and restoring the suppleness of skin. 

50 or 80 minutes  115€ / 170€

LIBERTÀ Body Scrub

An exfoliating scrub that rejuvenates skin by encouraging the renewal of skin cells.

25 minutes 55€