Stress and hectic lifestyles have an impact on our mental and physical wellbeing. This can leave us feeling heavy and tense, and result in outbreaks of blemishes you could do without. Armani/SPA offers dedicated treatments rebalancing all the elements in your body, producing immediate, visible and long-lasting results from within.

Face treatment

Rejuvenating Anti-Aging Method

Your face immediately gives away your age, and how you are feeling mentally and physically. The nutritional face treatment has a polishing effect that brings elasticity and energy to cells and tissues, revealing beautiful skin that acts like young skin. 

Rejuvenating anti-aging is the only method that combines manual techniques with technological equipment, specially designed to simultaneously stimulate tissues and joints, releasing knots of energy and augmenting blood flow at key points. Boosting circulation and increasing oxygen accelerate cell turnover, triggering cell regeneration. 

Your skin will look more luminous, polished and relaxed, even after the first treatment. And you wont just look young.

Treatment duration: from 50 minutes. Treatment price: from €130 

Healthy, light-feeling legs

Rejuvenating Body Sculpture Method

The wellness of our legs is dependent on the lymphatic and blood system - that runs through our subcutaneous adipose tissue - working correctly. This system transports oxygen and removes waste, keeping the body healthy and young. When it stops working as it should, we experience an uncomfortable feeling of heaviness in our legs, our hands and feet are cold, and cellulite appears. 

This treatment fights the process quickly and effectively by stimulating oxygen supply to the tissues and removing liquids from the capillaries, the cause of swelling and tiredness. It also melts accumulated fat and restores the normal functionality of your lymphatic and blood system, making tissue elastic and compact. 

Your legs will immediately feel light, healthy and beautiful. Rediscover the joy of movement with this pain-free and non-invasive treatment. 

Treatment duration: from 50 minutes. Treatment price: from €130 

Revitalising and energising body treatment

Rejuvenating Body Sculpture Method

The energy systems in our bodies work in complete harmony and every single element has an impact on wellness. This rejuvenating method is based on this holistic principle, and this treatment is no exception: it effectively rebalances the body as a whole, using both manual techniques and essential aromatherapy oils. 

This special massage helps release energy knots in your joints, enabling your vital energy to flow freely. 

At the end of the treatment you will experience overwhelming mental and physical wellbeing. You will feel lighter, your muscles will be more relaxed, your stress levels across your body will fall. 

You will be filled with renewed energy, vitality, and a desire to move. 

Treatment duration: from 50 minutes. Treatment price: from €130