Armani Ristorante

Elegance and refinement of the aesthetics and the gastronomic proposal define the Armani Ristorante, which offers its guests a unique sensory experience.

Located on the seventh floor of the Armani Hotel Milano, with an international allure, the Armani Ristorante overlooks the magnificent streets of the city center and thanks to its bright windows offers an evocative panoramic view, from the Duomo to the futuristic skyscrapers of Porta Nuova.

The art of welcoming, communicated through an attentive, professional and always present staff, is a natural extension of the idea of Armani lifestyle, which permeates the entire hotel. In perfect continuity with the concepts of comfort, aesthetics and privacy of the designer, the Armani Ristorante allows you to enjoy an unforgettable experience in a comfortable and hospitable environment.



The atmosphere is complemented by a private dining room and the Armani Bamboo Bar, lounge bar with a striking contemporary design, overlooking Via Manzoni and made unique by the double-height ceiling and the huge windows with louvers.

The Armani Ristorante cuisine celebrates the great tradition of Italian gastronomy combined with an international twist. The careful selection of each and every ingredient to bring out the essence of flavor is key to the Ristorante’s philosophy.

Armani-Ristorante-milano-round table


Superb quality of raw materials and impeccable preparation are pre-requisites. The creation of multiple nuances of taste and unexpected textures offer diners simple but at the same time complex dishes, defined by surprising contrasts that perfectly balance as a whole.

The menu of the Armani Ristorante offers dishes created with refined products of the highest quality, artisan raw materials carefully selected for its superior production process and provenance. The concept of seasonality is at the heart of the menu, from conception to presentation, where even the colors play a fundamental role in immersing the diner in a complete sensory experience.

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The Armani Ristorante offers a wide and extremely refined wine list. Protagonists are undoubtedly the best Italian wine labels, followed by the French ones along with a selection of wines from the world.


Opening time:

Breakfast: 7:00AM - 10: 30AM - Monday/Saturday - 7:00AM - 11:00AM Sunday
Lunch: 12.30PM - 2.30 PM - Monday/Saturday
Dinner: 7:30PM-10:30PM (Tuesday-Saturday) 

Closed: Sunday and Monday at Dinner

An elegant smart dress code is recommended


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