Armani Hotel Milano-Armani SPA-Couple suite



A new treatments collection inspired by enchanting places with an international flavor, embracing the magic of distant cultures, combining them with the main philosophies of the Armani/SPA and enhancing them in 2-hour rituals.
In addition, the Signature Crema Nera treatment represents the harmonious union of these philosophies, implemented with to the use of the best Armani creation in terms of Skincare, the Armani Crema Nera line.



With this treatment comes the ritual of slowness and vital awakening, growth from a need to take care of body and soul. Each single detail, with Orient inspired sounds, and rhythmic, deep slow movements, will accompany you on an interior journey, aimed at showing up your beauty even more. Delicate and enveloping brushing manipulations on body and scalp will be followed by an oleation that prepares both body and mind for the zhen massage. The harmonious and sublime Sakura sounds, the Japanese Geishas music, and the delicate Tibetan bells vibrations characterize the journey through the Way of Tea. A gentle total body stretching with silk sheets sooths skin-deep tensions, opening a delicate massage that will treats your body back into harmony and balance with your natural energies, breaking down both physical and emotional blocks and giving you an incredible feeling of harmony.


A thousand and One Night ritual dedicated to purification, with different phases that alternate like a dance, accompanied by a sweet background melody. Fast and enveloping manipulations that have an exfoliating and purifying action will be followed by a cleansing with savon noir, the typical Arabic soap used in the hamman ritual, to prepare skin to the precious Berber gold mask. Wrapped in a pleasant natural heat that recalls the hot desert winds, the body reaches the correct body temperature. The optimal state of purification and regeneration culminates in an enveloping massage with the precious argan oil. Each treatment phase is marked by the tasting of a green tea drink that accentuates its draining power.



A journey through the famous "Silk Road" of the Far East, in a perfect combination between the Traditional Thai massage, strongly influenced by Ayurvedic Indian medicine, and yoga practice. This ritual, with a strong relaxing effect on both body and soul, involves each part of the body starting from the feet, with the typical Thai foot bath with rose water. Flowing and natural joints traction manipulations improves elasticity, while body postural restoration, through yoga typical figures, helps to correct articular movements, rebalancing neurovegetative system and eliminating the main cause of physical and mental fatigue, stress. A unique experience through the energetic lines of the body, to improve mobility and promote inner well-being. 



Unique path of transformation and regeneration of the skin in complete Armani style, during which all power of his best creation in matters of skincare is expressed, Armani Crema Nera line.
Each of the eight steps in which the ritual is articulated is reinforced with an intense sensorial, varied and original gesture.
The effectiveness of the skin care ritual according to Giorgio Armani focuses on posture and conscious breathing: The mental and body “letting go” operates from the deep back massage.
The exfoliating mask, with natural products strongly sought in the loved lands of the Maestro and reminiscent of the meticulous Asian culture precepts of inner purification, refines and helps detoxify the skin from within.
A draining massage with mineral gloves, strengthened by manual gestures, stimulates the reflex zones: the skin therefore transforms and recovers its natural splendor.
The ritual culminates with a last phase dedicated to the whole body energetic restart, through the application of moisturizing and regenerating active ingredients enhanced by a massage with fusion stones.
A path that embodies the three philosophies on which the Armani/SPA is founded: MU, FLUIDITÀ and LIBERTÀ. A unique and inimitable treatment of its kind, like the whole GIORGIO ARMANI style.