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Stress and frenetic lifestyle can affect mental and physical wellness resulting in heaviness, tension and annoying imperfections. With this technological innovation, Armani SPA offers a pioneering treatment to awake from inside overall hidden tissues energies that suffer slow-downs, blockages and alterations caused by age and daily stress, reactivating natural reparative and anti-inflammatory processes.
The body thus regains that fluency and desire to move, main source of an authentic lasting beauty, born from within.  


Our face is our business card as it immediately reveals our age as well as our inner psycho-physical state. The special moisturizing treatment has a smoothing effect giving elasticity and energy to both cells and tissues, for a vital and fresh face. The rejuvenating anti-aging method is the first treatment that combines manual techniques with specific technological tools for a simultaneous stimulation of body tissues and joints, releasing energy blocks and recreating internal natural balance shown by a young, health and bright skin.  The circulation stimulation, together with oxygen supply, speeds up cellular turnover with an immediate spontaneous tissues regeneration. Right after the first treatment, the skin face will be radiant, smoothed and relaxed while the skin gains back that natural vitality which is the secret of authentic beauty.  

Duration: Starting from 50 minutes.
Price: Starting from Euro 150 


Legs wellness is based on lymphatic and blood system proper functioning: These systems flow through the subcutaneous adipose tissue, bringing oxygen and eliminating waste, and keeping body healthy and vital. However, when they stop working properly, we feel an annoying sense of heaviness, hands and feet become frequently cold and we experience that anesthetic cellulite layer.
The Rejuvenating anti-aging treatment for healthy and lighter legs quickly and effectively fights against this process, stimulating oxygen supply through tissues and eliminating liquids stagnation in capillaries, cause of puffiness and fatigue. Furthermore, it dissolves accumulated fat by restoring normal functionality, giving tissues more elasticity and consistence. For legs much lighter, healthy and beautiful.

Duration: Starting from 50 minutes.
Price: Starting from Euro 145



Body energy system works in complete synergy and each part reflects its well-being. The innovation of Rejuvenating anti-aging method is based on this principle: A global effectiveness that gives balance back to whole body thanks to a combination of manual techniques, technological innovation and aromatherapy quintessences, with a beneficial and deep influence on the entire organism.
A specific massage that helps removing energetic blockages staring from joints tensions, allowing vital energy to freely flow, restoring an optimal psycho-physical condition and a lightness feeling for the whole body main points of muscular tension. The treatments results are: better articular mobility, muscle flexibility, night rest improvement and stress level reduction, giving an immediate and evident biological tissue quality rising.

Duration: Starting from 50 minutes.
Price: Starting from Euro145