Welcome in a World of Sophisticated Beauty

A once-in-a-lifetime holiday, a special occasion,
an indulgent treat, a business stay;
make lifelong memories at the Armani Hotel Milano,
a 5 stars luxury hotel in Milan.
Gourmet restaurant, luxurious leisure,
SPA facilities and signature
Armani hospitality
combine to create the ultimate experiences.


Room and Suites

The 5-star Armani Hotel offers luxury rooms and suites where your stay in Milan becomes comfortable and equipped with a range of luxurious Armani accessories

Carbonaro dishes at the Armani Ristorante


Gourmet Experience &
Lounge bar

Rooftop restaurant in Milan. Situated in via Manzoni 31,
in the heart of the fashion district,
between Piazza della Scala and Piazza Cavour,
Armani/Bamboo Bar and Armani/Ristorante are located
on the seventh floor of the Armani Hotel Milano
overlooking the center of Milan,
totally detached from the city below.


Spa, Wellness & Gym